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Full text of "Manual of the First Congregational Church and Society, of Ravenswood, Illinois, 1876"

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This Church -was Organized April 20th, 1876. 


The name of this church shall be The First Congregational 
Church of Ravenswood. 

This church is independent, — subject to no authority or govern- 
ment, except the votes of-' it^s members, and amenable only to 
Christ ; but extending to otherevangelical churches, and inviting 
from them. Christian fellowship and co-operation. 

This church is unsectarian ; in that it does not require of its 
members uniformity of opinion in matters concerning which mem- 
bers of evangelical churches do honestly differ, but rather insists 
upon Christian character and life, and a devout adherence to those 
grand doctrines of the Holy Scriptures, which are held to be essen- 
tial by all evangelical churches ; in that it is self-governing ; 
and, also, in that it seeks the fellowship and co-operation of all 
evangelical churches, thus aiming to promote visible and Scriptural 


The following compend is adopted as substantially a statement 
of the doctrines held by this church : 

'IT fE believe in God. the Father Almighty, the Being of absolute 
** perfection, the Creator, Presei-ver and Governor of the uni- 
verse; Who so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten 

Son for its redemption ; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, 
our Lord, who was in the beginning with God and was God ; 
who became man and suftered to take away the sins of the world ; 
in whom we have redemption, being justified freely through faith 
in His blood; who rose from the dead, and ascended on high, and 
sitteth at the right hand of the Father; whence he shall come to 
judge the quick and the dead, punishing the wicked with everlast- 
ing destruction from His presence, and receiving His people into 
His everlasting kingdom : and in the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, 
through whom alone we, being l^y nature children of wrath, are 
renewed and sanctified; by whose inspiration the Scriptures are 
given ; who, with the Father and the Son, together one God, is 
supremely to be loved, and served, and alone to be adored ; and 
in one Church on earth and in heaven ; and in one Baptism for the 
remission of sins ; and we look for the Resurrection of the dead, 
and the life immortal. Amen. 


" Keep, therefore, the words of this covenant and do them." 

— Deuteronomy xxix, 9. 


DEARLY BELOVED— You are here before God and many 
witnesses, to confess the Lord Jesus Christ. We trust that 
you discern the solemnity and the blessedness of this confession, 
and that He who hath begun a good work in you will perform it, 
until the day of Jesus Christ. 

In the presence of God and of this assembly, you do now freely 
and cordially enter into the everlasting covenant of grace. 

You do confess the Father Almighty your Maker and Preserver, 
the Lord Jesus Christ your Savior and Master, and the Holy 
Spirit, Sanctifier and Guide, to be your God. 


You do trust only in His Sovereign Grace, and Almighty Power. 

And you do promise that you will henceforth faithfully en- 
deavor to keep His commandments, and follow Him in all things ; 
to walk with His disciples in love, and denying all ungodliness 
and worldly lusts, to live soberly, righteously and godly, in this 
present world, looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious ap- 
pearing of the Great God, and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

This you truly confess and heartily engage ? 


TTAVING thus confessed your faith in Christ, you will now seal 
-*■-*■ this good confession according to our Lord's commandment 
by the ordinance of Baptism, in the name of the Father, and the 
Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

[Do you who have never been baptized, now with faith receive 
this Sacrament] [and] 

[Do you, who in childhood, by the faith of believing parents, 
were entered into the covenant of promise, now in your own faith, 
assume the baptism then administered] 

As the badge of your discipleship, the symbol of the washing 
of regeneration, and the seal of the everlasting covenant, in which 
you inherit the sure mercies of God, and dedicate [yourself] [your- 
selves] forever to a holy life ? 

Baptism hei-e administered to those not baptised, and those joining 
by Letter now present themselves. 

Do you now cordially unite [yourself] [yourselves] to this 
Church of Christ, promising to walk in compliance with its rules, 
to co-operate with us in the worship of God, and in the work of 
the Gospel, and earnestly to endeavor to promote the peace, wel- 
fare and usefulness of this Church ? 

We, then, the members of this Church [rising], in the name of 
Christ, affectionately welcome you to our communion, to a partici- 
pation in the duties and privileges of this Church ; and we faith- 
fully promise to watch over you, with Christian afteciion and ten- 
derness, highly esteeming you in love, for Christ's sake. 

This we do, looking to the great Shepherd of Israel, our Lord 
and Redeemer, that both we and you may receive wisdom and 
grace, to be faithful to these covenants, and to glorify Him with 
the holiness which becometh His house forever. 

Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above 
all that we ask or think, accordmg to the power that worketh in 
us, unto Him be gloiy in the church, by Christ Jesus, throughout 
all ages, world without end. Amen. 

The peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keep your 
hearts and minds in the knowledge and love of God, and of His 
Son Jesus Christ our Lord; and the blessing of God Almighty, 
the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, remain with you always. 


Dearly Beloved — Accepting the promise of God, which is to 
you and to your offspring, you do now dedicate [this] [these] 
little [one] [ones] to God. You now covenant and engage to 
train up [this child] [these children] in the nurture and admoni- 
tion of the Lord, and by scriptural precepts, and a godly example, 
to keep [it] [them] in the love of Christ. God's covenant is to 
renew and sanctify your [child] [children] and so to bless the 
faiihful nurture which you promise, with the help of his Holy 
Spirit, that your [child] [children] shall grow up unto Christ in 
all things. 

Do you, in faith, join this gracious covenant, and honor the 
baptism of your [child] [children] as the symbol of the washing 
of regeneration and of Christian nurture, and as the seal of the 
covenant of grace, by which your [child is] [children are] set 
apart to be the Lord's? 


Dearly Beloved — You have been duly elected to positions 
of responsil)ility by the members of this Church, who now, for- 
mally and affectionately, commit to you, as to under-shepherds, the 

official care of its precious interests and its important work, 
earnestly believing that you will assume these trusts, as solemnly 
called to them of God, to whom you will give account of your 
stewardship. We invite your assent to this official covenant. 

You do now solemnly promise faithfully to perform the duties 
of the offices to which you have severally been appointed, to 
maintain the doctrine, order and discipline of this Church, and in 
good faith, by all proper means, to promote its spiritual and visible 
prosperity and usefulness. So you promise and engage. 

May you be indued with the wisdom and power which cometh 
from above, and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with 
you. Amen. 


The officers of this Church shall be a Pastor, two or more Dea- 
cons, two or more members of the Pastoral Committee, a Superin- 
tendent of the Sunday School, and a Clerk who shall also be 

Deacons and members of the Pastoral Committee shall be 
elected for four years, or for a shorter temi, to prevent a dispropor- 
tionate number of vacancies occurring at the same time. 

The Superintendent of the Sunday School and the Clerk shall 
be elected annually. 


The Pastor shall "preach the Word," conduct public religious 
services, preside in the business meetings of the Church, e.xercise 
general oversight of the Sunday schools, religious meetings and 
other operations of the Church, and labor, by all proper means, to 
promote the spiritual welfare of the congregation. 

The Deacons shall assist in the administration of the sacra- 
ments ; in the absence, or at the request of the Pastor, provide a 

temporary supply for the pulpit and conduct religious meetings ; 
take up public collections, distribute the charities of the Church, 
attend to the courteous reception and comfort of all, and particu- 
larly of strangers, who assemble for public worship, and act as 
advisors and assistants of the Pastor in the general care and over- 
sight of the congregation. 

The Superintendent shall appoint teachers and conduct the 
exercises of the Sunday school, with the assistance of such officers 
as shall be elected by the school. 

The Clerk shall keep the records of the Church and minutes 
of the meetings of the Pastoral Committee, conduct correspond- 
ence, receive the funds of the Church and disburse the same on 
the order of the Deacons. He shall present, at the annual meeting, 
a statistical summary of the condition and operations of the 
Church, including the Sunday school and all other organizations 
connected with the Church. 

The officers of the Church shall constitute a Pastoral Com- 
mittee, which shall make preliminary inquiries concerning appli- 
cations for membership and concerning other important business, 
and shall report the same to the Church with such recommenda- 
tions as they may deem wise. The members of this committee are 
especially charged to promote the social well-being of the Church, 
to seek out and minister to the sick and the poor, and any in 
affliction who may need sympathy and help. 

This committee shall, from time to time, and especially at the 
annual meetings, make such communications and recommen- 
dations concerning the work of the Church as they may deem ad- 



Candidates for membership should confer with the Pastor and 
present themselves at a meeting of the Pastoral Committee. 

Members elect shall assume the vows of baptism and assent to 
the covenant of membership. " 


Members in good and regular standing may, at their own re- 
quest, be dismissed by vote and letter to other Evangelical 
Churches. No letter of dismission is valid for more than one year 
from its date, and no member's covenant relations with this Church 
ceases until he has entered into covenant with the Church to which 
he has been dismissed. 

Absent members are entitled to letters of dismission, dated back 
to the commencement of their absence ; and letters of more recent 
date may be given them upon satisfactory evidence of the con- 
tinued correctness of their Christian life. Members who have 
been absent three years or more may be communicated with by 
the Clerk, and if no satisfactory reasons are obtained for their 
continued neglect to ask letters to and connect themselves with 
other churches, they may be excluded by vote. 

Members purposely and habitually absenting themselves from 
the stated meetings and ordinances of the Church, members who 
refuse to pay any pecuniary obligation to the Church or Society, and 
members under any censure by vote of the Church, or who are 
disobedient to any admonition of the Church, are not in good and 
regular standing. 


Excommunication of a member may follow his conviction of any 
public or private offense, except he do works " meet for repent- 
ance." Discipline shall l)e conducted according to Congregational 
usage, as directed in Matthew xviii, 15-17. 

In cases of unquestionable breach of covenant vows, or of 
notorious immorality, the Church may proceed with:>ut trial to ad- 
monish the offender; and if admoni ion prove fruitless, to excom- 


Are under the watch and care of the Church. It is confidently 
expected that they will in early youth profess Christ, on their own 
faith, and voluntarily assume the covenant vows of the Church. 

Parents chiefly, and the Church largely, are responsible for a 
Christian nurture being so judiciously and constantly exercised, 
that through the covenanted help of the Holy Spirit, each baptized 
child shall grow up into Christ. 


The Lord's Supper is administered on the first Sabbaths of 
January, March, May, July, September and November. 

Baptism is administered immediately before the Lord's Supper, 
and at other convenient times. 


The annual meeting shall be held on the second Monday of 
January. A regular meeting shall be held on the Wednesday next 
preceding each communion service. Ordinary business may be 
transacted at any general prayer meeting, or, in an emergency, at 
other meetings. 

Special meetings may be called by the Pastor, and the Clerk 
shall call a special meeting at the written request of five members. 
Special meetings shall be published on the Sabbath preceding from 
the pulpit, or by posting on the church building. Business meet- 
ings shall be conducted according to the generally approved rules 
of deliberative bodies. The Order of Business at the annual 
meeting shall be : 

I. Hearing, correction and approval of the records. 

IL Report of the Clerk. 

in. Communication from the Pastoral Committee. 

IV. Election of Officers. 

V. Appointment of Committee on Music. 

VI. Adoption of Plans for Benevolent Contributions for 
the year. 

VII. Miscellaneous business. 

This order may be changed by vote. 

All members of the Church above fifteen years of age, in good 
and regular standing, are entitled to vote, and eligible to office. 

Regular officers shall be chosen by ballot, and a majority of the 
votes cast shall be necessaiy to election. 


Amendments to this organization and rules may be proposed 
and discussed at any regular business meeting, but shall not be 
adopted before the succeeding regular meeting. 

Rules for the Joint Action of the Church and Society. 

A majority of the Trustees of the Society shall be members of 
the Church, in good and regular standing. 

The Pastor shall use the church edifice for religious purposes 
at his discretion. The Church may also use it for religious pur- 

The care and control of the buildings, in other respects, fhall 
be with the Socitty. 

The Deacons of the Chuirch shall provide a supply for the 
pulpit, in the absence of the Pastor. 

A Pastor may be elected either permanently or for a specified 

A call to the pastorate must originate in the Church, and receive 
the concurrence of the Society. The same order must be observed 
in vacating the pastorate. 

A committee of five persons to provide for singing and church 
music shall be appointed by the Church. 

These rules of joint action can be amended by a separate vote 
of the Church and Society, each body being governed by the rule 
for amending its own organization. 



The name of this Society shall be The First Congregational 
Society of Ravenswood. 

Its object shall be to co-operate with the First Congregational 
Church of Ravenswood in providing for and maintaining the public 
worship of God. 


All persons above sixteen years of age, who are attendants on 
public worship with this church, and who contribute regularly in 
good faith directly or representatively to the revenue of the Society, 
are members of the Society, and qualified to vote at its meetings ; 
but no person shall be entitled to vote who refuses to pay any of 
his pecuniary obligations to the Society. 

The officers of this Society shall be a President, a Clerk, three 
Trustees, and a Treasurer to be appointed annually by the Trustees 
from their own number. The officers (excepting the Treasurer) 
shall be chosen by a majority ballot. 

The President and Clerk shall hold office one year, or until 
their successor.s are chosen. Trustees shall be elected for three 
years, or until their successors are chosen ; but may be elected for 
a shorter term to prevent several vacancies occurring at one time. 

The President sh.ill preside at meetings, audit the Treasurer's 
report and accounts, and certify to the condition of the same at the 
annual meeting. 

The Treasurer shall have the custody of the funds and valuable 
papers of the Society, collect all moneys and revenues, and make 


a report exhibiting clearly the financial condition of the Society at 
the annual meeting. 

The Clerk shall issue calls for meetings, make and preserve a 
record of the proceedings of meetings, including abstracts of im- 
portant reports, and file and preserve reports and other papers. 

The Trustees shall have control and management of financial 
affairs. The real estate and other property shall be vested in the 
Trustees, who shall hold, manage and dispose of the same to pro- 
mote the objects of the Society, according to the laws of the State 
of Illinois, and subject to the rules and orders of the Society. 

The annual meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of 
Januaiy; but if it should fail to be held on that day, it shall be 
called as other meetings. 

The Clerk shall call special meetings of the Society at the order 
of the Trustees, or at the written request of five persons who are 
qualified to vote. 

Notices of meetings shall be publicly given from the palpit, on 
the Sunday preceding, or if no public meeting is held on that Sun- 
day, notice shall be posted on the church at least five days previ- 
ous to the meeting called. 

All meetings shall be conducted according to the rules which 
commonly prevail in deliberative bodies. 


This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote, provided 
the proposed amendment has been presented in writing at some 
previous meeting, or read from the pulpit with the call for the 
meeting at which the vote is taken. 




Elected. Term Expired. 
Rev. W. A. Lloyd 1S70 


J. H. Wright 1870 

W. H. Hedges 1870 1875 

James L. Barrows 1872 

J. N. Wilkins 1875 


Wm. P. Jones, Jr 1870 1870 

J. H. Wright 1870 1872 

Wm. P. Jones, Jr 1872 1873 

Frank P. Barrows 1873 r874 

Charles G. Chandler 1874 


C. W. Clark 1870 1872 

Frank L. Strong 1872 1875 

Francis W. Little 1875 

Rev. W. A. Lloyd 1870 

J. H. Wright 1870 

W. H. Hedges 1870 1875 

James L. Barrows 1872 

Mrs. J. L. Barrows 1873 

J. N. Wilkins 1875 

Mrs. J. N. Wilkins 1S75 

John A. Cole , 1875 

C. G. Chandler 1875 

Francis W. Little 1875 



Elected. Term Expired. 

Wm. P. Jones, Jr 1870 1871 

Rev. W. A. Lloyd 1S71 1S72 

H. T. Merrill 1S72 1S73 

James L. Barrows 1S73 1S76 

John A. Cole 1S76 


Wm. P. Jones, Jr 1870 1871 

W. H. Hedges 1870 1S75 

J. H. Wright 1S70 1S73 

Robert Greer 1871 

John N. Hills 1873 

C. G. Chandler 1S75 


W. H. Hedges 1S70 1S73 

John N. Hills 1873 


J. H. Wright 1S70 1870 

B. T. Chandler 1S70 1872 

William Smith 1S72 1873 

H. D. Harris 1S73 1876 

Francis W. Little 1876 



This Society was organized Januaiy 26th, 1 871, and has con- 
tributed largely to the social well being of the Church and com- 

The amount of its revenue for the first three years cannot be 
definitely ascertained, but is icnown to have been fully as large, 
proportionately, as the receipts for the past three years, which 
were : 

1873 ^Sii 34 

1874 S268 84 

r875 291 85 

1876, six months 104 94 

Total ^1.476 97 


Elected. Term Expired. 

Mrs. Helen M. Lloyd 1871 1872 

Mrs. Mary E. Jones 1872 1873 

Mrs. H. T. Merrill 1873 1874 

Mrs. Carrie S. Hills 1874 1873 

Mrs. Frances Wilkins 1875 1876 

Mrs. Kate P. Little 1S76 


Mrs. M. E. Jones 1S71 1872 

Mrs. Jennie E. Wright 1872 1873 

Mrs. A. H. Angell 1873 1874 

Mrs. M. E. Jones 1874 1875 

Mrs. Kate P. Little 1875 1876 

Mrs. Alice D. Chandler 1876 


Mrs. Catherine Greer 1871 1872 

Mrs. Alice M. Hayes 1872 1873 


Mrs. Carries. Hills 1873 

Mrs. Ann A. Trudeau 1S74 

Mrs. M. Louisa Strong 1S75 

Miss Elvira Bannister 1876 


Mrs. M. A. Clark 1871 

Mrs. Catherine Greer 1872 

Miss Octavia Barrows 1S73 




L .signifies Received by 

Letter ; P, Received by Pr 

-.fession: D, Dismissed 1. 3 

Letter; *, Deceased. 

AVhen Received 

William A. Lloyd. 

April 20, 1870. 


Mrs. Helen M. Lloyd. 

May 4, 1870. 


Wm. H. Hedges. 

April 20, 1870. 


D. Feb. 18, 1875 

Mrs. Maria C. Hedges. 

u u 


Jane Bowen (Sultzer). 



C. W. Clark. 



J. H. Wright. 

May 4, 1S70. 


Mrs. J. E. Wright. 


Henry Sultzer. 

Sept. II, 1870. 


H. W. Carpenter. 

Feb. 5, 1871. 


D. Oct. I, 1874 

Mrs. :Mary Carpenter. 



<. u 

Robert Greer. 



Mrs. Catherine Greer. 



John McMeekin. 



D. April, 1873 

Edward Hayes. 

June 4, 1 87 1. 


Mrs. Alice M. Hayes. 




Conrad Laubmeyer. 

Jan. I, 1872. 


Frank L. Strong. 



Mrs. M. Louisa Strong. 



Charles Trudeau. 
Mrs. Ann A. Trudeau. 
Mrs. Ella G. Bryan. 
James L. Barrows, Jr. 
Frank P. Barrows. 
Charles W. Chandler. 
Mrs. Mai7 Chandler. 
James L. Barrows. 
Mrs. Hannah Barrows. 
John J. Barrows. 
Mary E. Barrows. 
Octavia J. Barrows. 
Lavinia F. Barrows. 
Christian Olson. 
Chauncey Rheinboth. 
John A. Fishleigh. 
Mrs. Rosella R. Gordon. 
.Sarah A. Frost. 
Minnie A. Fishleigh. 
Lillie H. Jones. 
Charles Laubmeyer. 
Hubbard D. Harris. 
Mrs. Jennie A. Harris. 
Mrs. Augusta H. Angell. 
Mrs. Cordelia Howard. 
William P. Jones, Jr. 
Mrs. Mary E. Jones. 
James W. Andrews. 
Mrs. Sarah Andrews. 
Samuel W. Bassett. 
Mrs. Mary Bassett. 
Sarah A. Orcutt. 
Jessie Wilkins. 
John Wilbur Wilkins. 
Charles H. Knight. 

When Received. 
Jan. I, 1872. 

July I, 1872. 
Nov. I, 1872. 

March 2, 1873. 
May 4, 1873. 

June I, 1873, 

Sept. 7, 1873, 

Jan. 4, 

, i874> 

'July 7. 1S74. 

^Apiil, 1873. 

D. Feb. 25, 1876. 

Leroy C. Hedges. 

March i, i 



Albert P. Hedges. 



Willie W. Lloyd. 



Hattie W. Lloyd. 




William Zeutel. 


J. H. Bruns. 




Mrs. Caroline E. Bruns. 



Hale Knight. 



Mrs. Jennie G. Knight. 




Nettie Turner. 




John N. Wilkins. 




Mrs. Frances Wilkins. 



Andrew Brotherston. 



Maggie Wright. 


3, 1875, 


Mrs. H. M. Galloway. 


2, 1875, 


John A. Cole. 


4, 1875, 


Mrs. Julia A. Cole. 



Mrs. A. A. Wiswall. 




Francis W. Little. 


Charles G. Chandler. 


5. 1875- 


Mrs. A. D. Chandler. 




Lucy Hart. 




D. Feb. 18, 1875.